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I think it's a pretty good bet that the two scariest words for any cell phone user are "low battery". Apart from getting it wet, getting a low power warning is the worst thing that can happen to your smartphone, and most of us are constantly aware of how our battery is doing and if it needs to be charged.

 There are many misleading myths that evolved over time about charging your phone, and most of them are completely wrong. These myths are not only false but can actually do more harm than good, and reduce the total life span of your battery. So for those of us who want to keep our phone battery charged as long as possible, these are the myths you should avoid

True: While not optimal, off-brand chargers are still fine for recharging your phone and will not have a significant influence on your battery's lifespan. What you should be avoiding are real-brand imitations. Charging your phone with one of these will barely get the job done, reduce your battery's maximum charge and endanger its ability to function.

2. False: Don't use your phone while it charges.

True: Using the phone while it's plugged into the charger will notdecrease the effectiveness of the charge. The origin of this myth is linked to cases in which people used low-quality knockoffs. When using a sketchy charger all sorts of bad things can happen to your phone, but as mentioned before you don’t want to be using them anyway. If you're using the manufacturer approved charger and battery, you should be fine using it anytime you want. However, if you find your phone is overheating to the point you can't use it, it's time to take it to the technician.

SOURCE: Baba Mail.


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