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Beware of Friends, Because of Money Ritual.

Beware of Friends, Because of Money Ritual.

I saw this post and I think I should share it too.

Please talk to your children, especially girls.

Ladies, money is not everything. Before you date

or follow a guy because of wealth, ask for his

source of income please.

I heard about a girl who broke up with her Yahoo

+ guy, why? She had a female condom on without

him knowing and found maggots on it after sex.

I also heard some other girls weren’t so lucky,

they’ve hospitalized for months now. The same

maggots story, but they didn’t have condoms on

These plus boys are raping their mums, sleeping

in coffins, killing their parents, having anal sex

with guys, some eat fasces, kill people and so on

just for money.

Please warn your daughters in school! All that

glitters is not Gold. Kindly share this to create

more awareness.

Your children will not be a victim of money ritual

in Jesus Mighty Name. You better say Amen.

Source: Facebook

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